Thursday, February 24, 2011


Why do I continue to torture myself by reading the Staat's blog? I know that sounds cruel but it just breaks my heart and scares me. I full intended on putting Kinzi in her big girl bed (crib. She sleeps in a pack n play right next to me) last night, but after reading that blog, I wonder if I'll ever put her in there. Speaking of that, I need to call and check on her....she's good : )

Went to the mall at lunch. Should have gone to the gym but I forgot my clothes and I'm just sore from yesterday...Thanks JK. When I pulled into a parking spot, there was an old man reading the newspaper in a truck parked next to me. I giggled. But I think it's sweet that he was perfectly content waiting on, probably his wife, while she shopped. They don't make many of those men anymore. Side Note: Why does it always smell like poop right outside the south doors of Dillards at Sooner? It's awful!! Aaaannnndd...why can you not go anywhere anymore without being bugged by someone? No, I don't want you to straighten my hair and no I don't want any freakin lotion!
Went to VS, bought a tote..the girl at the register asked me if I needed a bag. Ummm...nah I'll just carry it around the mall with nothing in it and make it look like I stole it. Yes! I would like a bag, thanks. She acted like a total snob. People kill me. I only bought the bag because I had a $10 off coupon and I figure...good gym bag. On to AE. I walked in looking for jeans...yuck. But we won't go there right now. Went into the dressing room and on the mirror it said, check in on fb and receive a deal. So, I checked in and got 20% off. SWEET! I watched a show on people that do couponing. My gosh! I need to coupon! But most of those people are obsesssed with it. I don't have time to sit there for 6 hours a day and look for coupons and deals and write a plan out. I'll go to the store, get what I need, use a coupon if I have one (I always use them for formula), and leave. And I don't have a use for 53486154 bottles of body wash. You'd just have to watch the show. It's nuts.

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