Monday, May 23, 2011


Sat: We got up, went to target (because we arrived at the mall 45 minutes early. Early risers in the Barnes household.), then went to the mall then back home for a nap. We had planned to take pics but that was a no go (per the photographer - whom said she had a higher paying client - which kind of rubbed me the wrong way. But eh, whatev I guess), so we just sat at home. Sunday, we got up, hung around the house, played a lot, then went to the mall to return the stuff I bought for pictures, then to Sams then to Wal-Mart. We like to shop : ) That is seriously what I did all weekend. I spent the WHOLE time with Kinzi and I LOVED it!

Kinz is learning so many new things. She's mastered the art of screaming and she (apparently) is obssessed with it. She screamed a lot, while we were in Target Saturday. I just kept telling myself, "People that have kids, understand!!" It was funny though. She is walking with a walker (not the sit-in kind, but the stand up kind). And she's started standing by herself. She dances and claps and it's adorable. She's also slowly learning how to do the Indian call, that's what I'm gonna call it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

First busted mouth = First Mommy freak out!

You read it right. Kinzi busted her mouth yesterday and busted the top of her mouth open. Where her lip is attached the her gum, yeah, right there. She was crawling *really fast* and her little arms couldn't keep up with her long legs so she face planted, right on the floor. I picked up her because she started crying, but she only cried for about 5 seconds then was fine. So I thought, no worries, she's good. About 5 minutes later she looks up at me, after playing and laughing, and there is blood on her chin. I immediately freaked! I yanked her up, took her in her room and laid her on her changing table. At this point I see blood on her arm and all over her shirt. I freaked out more! That's when I raised her lip up and saw the rip on her top gum. Jacob said she was fine, which she was. But, I wasn't! I started bawling. It scared the crap out of me to see blood coming from my baby's mouth! No mom ever wants to see that!! Thank God one of us was calm. I called my mom and she said Kinzi was fine. That's a lot more assuring than Jacob telling me the same thing. Moms know more. ;) This morning she woke up and screamed the whole time I got ready. It was torture; for both of us. When I dropped her off, she was still whining. So, I sat and rocked her back to sleep. Of course, I was an hour late to work but go ahead and ask if I care. Nope!

On a brighter note: K got new shades this weekend. Actually, it was her first pair!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Piano Video

Hope this works!


I'm still kinda in a funk today. I think it's this crappy weather. I'm doing everything I can to get out of it. So here is to me being POSITIVE! *Cheers to that* With my imaginary alcoholic beverage.

Yesterday when I picked K up, she was in the best mood. And she wanted to play the piano, so I recorded her doing so. I still need to figure out how to post videos without having to upload them onto YouTube. For now, here is a pic. LOVE HER!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cranky Pants

I'm wearing them today. I don't know what my deal is. 1. I miss my baby and 2. I think I might be getting a little discouraged. 3. I'm starving.
1. I miss Kinzi so much today. I always miss her but it's more than usual today. She was so fussy last night so I didn't get much cuddle time in. Aaaannnddd...she still sleeps with us. I have been so back and forth about this. Everyone has their own opinions but I've decided, she will sleep with me for as long as I want her to. This is the only baby I'm going to have and she's not going to be a baby forever. So it is what it is and she will continue sleeping with me. If Jacob has a problem with it (which, he hasn't said anything yet) then he can be the one to break her from it. I'm not really sure what set me off about that but something did.
2. I weighed and I haven't lost anymore weight and I'm working out more than I was when I was dropping the weight. It could be muscle but I'm just feeling down. Which bring me to my #3. I'm starving today. I just want to pig out on the worst crap. I want some chicken nuggets, a burger and fries and some Reese's. It's not gonna happen. I won't let it. But, man do I want it.

Family pics are next weekend. I am so excited! I ordered Kinzi's outfit yesterday, go look at it!, it's so cute!!! Now, I just have to find matching stuff for me and Jacob. I'm going to try to find me an ivory colored shirt and Jacob a black one. Or maybe both of us black but I'll wear some ivory/pearl jewelry. I'm putting a lot of thought into this. I want them to look good!!!
Saturday I'm gettin my hair done. yay!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ostrich Eggs = Yummy!

Yes, no lie! They were yummy! Or at least I thought so. They were a lot like chicken eggs, a little egg-ier.
Ostrich egg omelet with ham and cheese.

The zoo was HOT!!! We were only there for an hour or so. Maybe a little longer. We went to Babies R Us after, then to my grandma's then to Red Lobster. I actually ate healthy. I had talapia with rice and steamed broccoli. When we got home, I was washing dishes and went I walked into the living room, there was a big coach box sitting in the glider. I was SO excited! I love love LOVE my new purse. He did good!

Yesterday we didn't do much of anything. Just went to Wal-Mart. I finally planted Kinzi's trees in pots. I'm surprised they stayed alive in those bags for 2 weeks. Watch them die now that I planted them in actual pots with soil and watered them. That would be my luck. They're country-fied. They are so small and flimsy that they were tipping over, so they're being held up now by welding rods and dental floss. haha. Hey, whatever works right?

Zoo Pics below!


This makes me laugh!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Jus' workin' on my fitness..

I've only missed 1 day this week at the gym. Which I am still mad at myself about. But, my grandma came up to my work to pick up a gate so I went to lunch with her and my brother. I could have passed up lunch and hit the gym but I don't see my Gma very often. Thank God for Jeri Kaye. I would not push myself as hard as I do when I work out with her. She's like my own (free!!) personal trainer! I know I whine and complain a lot about hurting and she just smiles : ) So, thanks for putting up with me being a baby.

I talked to Jacob today while I was waiting on my tanning bed to be cleaned and I just told him how I'm afraid I'm going to get discouraged. I'm afraid I'm going to keep at this and not see any results (I think me and jk talked about these fears throughout our entire workout today). He was very positive and told me to just stick with it and there's no way I won't see result. He told me he's proud of me. Which made me feel good but let's face it...He doesn't want a fat wife so of course he's going to be supportive. I've lost 51 pounds now since having Kinzi. I gained 70! So, I "only" have 19 more pounds to go to be at my pre-preg weight. I just worry that all my jeans still aren't going to fit. My body is so different now. But, I will NOT give up. Not only am I around jk (whom is NOT fat by any means and looks amazing!), my friend Shauna has been training for about 16 weeks now and is insanely skinny. It's inspiration. I want someone to be jealous of me! I want someone to look at me and say, "You do not look like you've had a baby!"

Lots goin on this weekend! Tomorrow morning, me, mom, Kinzi, Melissa and MJ are going to the zoo. My mom was so sweet and went to the zoo this morning and got us all tickets and t-shirts! Thank you mommy!!! We are going to the ostrich egg breakfast. I want to say "YUM" but I'm hesitant! The website says it's a buffet of chicken eggs, sausage, pancakes and more. Plus a chef making ostrich egg omelets per request. So, we will see!!! I think summer is almost here. The weather has been so crazy. It was freezing Monday and tomorrow is supposed to be 92. What happened to the 70's? Any who -- Saturday night is Red Lobster for Jacob's mom for Mother's Day. The Sunday is Mother's Day. My 1st one! I'm excited. All I have to say is...Jacob better be on top of his game! Pics to come Monday! Have a great weekend!!!! (I will leave you with some K pics : )

And Snap!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Idiot Man

Last weekend was a bunch of craziness. Let me start by saying, it was probably the biggest waste of a weekend I've had in a while. But, definitely a story to tell.

Sunday was the Memorial Marathon. I was so excited about it, despite the chance of rain. I thought, no big deal, I'm still gonna do it. Well, little did I know that an idiot of a man (as usual...a MAN) on my team had to screw it up for everyone. I got there around 5:15. It wasn't raining yet and the temp was about 55. Not 5 minutes after arriving, it started to thunder...then came the rain, lightening and a 30 minute postponement of the race. Around 6:30. They called for all the timed runners to go to the starting line. I told the idiot man, that that was him. So, off he went and off the rest of us went (in the rain...which was now cold)  to the buss station to catch our buses to go to our designated areas where we start our leg. I was nice and warm in a church waiting when I got a phone call that idiot man was there. Which was crazy because I knew he couldn't run 6 miles in 50 minutes. He had just told me the day before that he was doing 3.5 miles in 45 minutes. So, turns out...he didn't listen to anything I had said and got in the group of 5K'ers and ran the 5K downtown. STUPID! I had his keys, he had to leave, it was cold and rainy and no one else wanted to run, so we just said screw it. I got home around 9, took a nap and went home. I got to hang out with my mom all weekend so it wasn't a total waste. And thank God for her. She always keeps Kinzi when I need her to. Thank you Mom! ~ Side Note: I'm planning on doing a few more 5K's this summer. One on June 25th for sure.

I started back at the gym Monday, like I said I would. I still can't get the whole, eating good, thing down though. That's my biggest weakness. Yesterday I went with Jeri Kaye and she pretty much kicked my ass. Every muscle in my body hurts. That's a good thing...I know. So thanks crazy Jeri. I love that girl.

Mother's Day is Sunday. And don't kid yourself, I have reminded Jacob a million times. There's no way he's forgotten. So on Sunday, if I don't have the black coach purse I want...I'm gonna be one unhappy Momma!

Yesterday I was letting Kinzi eat her afternoon snack. She was out and started banging on her tray. I picked up the cheeto can and started banging it on her tray back at her. She just watched so I sat it on top of her head. She just sat there. I laughed so hard. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!! Never a dull moment!

Crazy Kinzi...I hope you know how much I love you!! You make me smile