Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Idiot Man

Last weekend was a bunch of craziness. Let me start by saying, it was probably the biggest waste of a weekend I've had in a while. But, definitely a story to tell.

Sunday was the Memorial Marathon. I was so excited about it, despite the chance of rain. I thought, no big deal, I'm still gonna do it. Well, little did I know that an idiot of a man (as usual...a MAN) on my team had to screw it up for everyone. I got there around 5:15. It wasn't raining yet and the temp was about 55. Not 5 minutes after arriving, it started to thunder...then came the rain, lightening and a 30 minute postponement of the race. Around 6:30. They called for all the timed runners to go to the starting line. I told the idiot man, that that was him. So, off he went and off the rest of us went (in the rain...which was now cold)  to the buss station to catch our buses to go to our designated areas where we start our leg. I was nice and warm in a church waiting when I got a phone call that idiot man was there. Which was crazy because I knew he couldn't run 6 miles in 50 minutes. He had just told me the day before that he was doing 3.5 miles in 45 minutes. So, turns out...he didn't listen to anything I had said and got in the group of 5K'ers and ran the 5K downtown. STUPID! I had his keys, he had to leave, it was cold and rainy and no one else wanted to run, so we just said screw it. I got home around 9, took a nap and went home. I got to hang out with my mom all weekend so it wasn't a total waste. And thank God for her. She always keeps Kinzi when I need her to. Thank you Mom! ~ Side Note: I'm planning on doing a few more 5K's this summer. One on June 25th for sure.

I started back at the gym Monday, like I said I would. I still can't get the whole, eating good, thing down though. That's my biggest weakness. Yesterday I went with Jeri Kaye and she pretty much kicked my ass. Every muscle in my body hurts. That's a good thing...I know. So thanks crazy Jeri. I love that girl.

Mother's Day is Sunday. And don't kid yourself, I have reminded Jacob a million times. There's no way he's forgotten. So on Sunday, if I don't have the black coach purse I want...I'm gonna be one unhappy Momma!

Yesterday I was letting Kinzi eat her afternoon snack. She was out and started banging on her tray. I picked up the cheeto can and started banging it on her tray back at her. She just watched so I sat it on top of her head. She just sat there. I laughed so hard. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!! Never a dull moment!

Crazy Kinzi...I hope you know how much I love you!! You make me smile

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