Monday, May 23, 2011


Sat: We got up, went to target (because we arrived at the mall 45 minutes early. Early risers in the Barnes household.), then went to the mall then back home for a nap. We had planned to take pics but that was a no go (per the photographer - whom said she had a higher paying client - which kind of rubbed me the wrong way. But eh, whatev I guess), so we just sat at home. Sunday, we got up, hung around the house, played a lot, then went to the mall to return the stuff I bought for pictures, then to Sams then to Wal-Mart. We like to shop : ) That is seriously what I did all weekend. I spent the WHOLE time with Kinzi and I LOVED it!

Kinz is learning so many new things. She's mastered the art of screaming and she (apparently) is obssessed with it. She screamed a lot, while we were in Target Saturday. I just kept telling myself, "People that have kids, understand!!" It was funny though. She is walking with a walker (not the sit-in kind, but the stand up kind). And she's started standing by herself. She dances and claps and it's adorable. She's also slowly learning how to do the Indian call, that's what I'm gonna call it.

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