Monday, May 16, 2011

First busted mouth = First Mommy freak out!

You read it right. Kinzi busted her mouth yesterday and busted the top of her mouth open. Where her lip is attached the her gum, yeah, right there. She was crawling *really fast* and her little arms couldn't keep up with her long legs so she face planted, right on the floor. I picked up her because she started crying, but she only cried for about 5 seconds then was fine. So I thought, no worries, she's good. About 5 minutes later she looks up at me, after playing and laughing, and there is blood on her chin. I immediately freaked! I yanked her up, took her in her room and laid her on her changing table. At this point I see blood on her arm and all over her shirt. I freaked out more! That's when I raised her lip up and saw the rip on her top gum. Jacob said she was fine, which she was. But, I wasn't! I started bawling. It scared the crap out of me to see blood coming from my baby's mouth! No mom ever wants to see that!! Thank God one of us was calm. I called my mom and she said Kinzi was fine. That's a lot more assuring than Jacob telling me the same thing. Moms know more. ;) This morning she woke up and screamed the whole time I got ready. It was torture; for both of us. When I dropped her off, she was still whining. So, I sat and rocked her back to sleep. Of course, I was an hour late to work but go ahead and ask if I care. Nope!

On a brighter note: K got new shades this weekend. Actually, it was her first pair!

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