Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cranky Pants

I'm wearing them today. I don't know what my deal is. 1. I miss my baby and 2. I think I might be getting a little discouraged. 3. I'm starving.
1. I miss Kinzi so much today. I always miss her but it's more than usual today. She was so fussy last night so I didn't get much cuddle time in. Aaaannnddd...she still sleeps with us. I have been so back and forth about this. Everyone has their own opinions but I've decided, she will sleep with me for as long as I want her to. This is the only baby I'm going to have and she's not going to be a baby forever. So it is what it is and she will continue sleeping with me. If Jacob has a problem with it (which, he hasn't said anything yet) then he can be the one to break her from it. I'm not really sure what set me off about that but something did.
2. I weighed and I haven't lost anymore weight and I'm working out more than I was when I was dropping the weight. It could be muscle but I'm just feeling down. Which bring me to my #3. I'm starving today. I just want to pig out on the worst crap. I want some chicken nuggets, a burger and fries and some Reese's. It's not gonna happen. I won't let it. But, man do I want it.

Family pics are next weekend. I am so excited! I ordered Kinzi's outfit yesterday, go look at it!, it's so cute!!! Now, I just have to find matching stuff for me and Jacob. I'm going to try to find me an ivory colored shirt and Jacob a black one. Or maybe both of us black but I'll wear some ivory/pearl jewelry. I'm putting a lot of thought into this. I want them to look good!!!
Saturday I'm gettin my hair done. yay!!

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  1. ohhhhhhhh it's SO because we are on a diet. and duhhh it's muscle boo! and i say black with pearl jewelry cause they my favorite! and THAT is MY opinion.. ;)