Friday, May 6, 2011

Jus' workin' on my fitness..

I've only missed 1 day this week at the gym. Which I am still mad at myself about. But, my grandma came up to my work to pick up a gate so I went to lunch with her and my brother. I could have passed up lunch and hit the gym but I don't see my Gma very often. Thank God for Jeri Kaye. I would not push myself as hard as I do when I work out with her. She's like my own (free!!) personal trainer! I know I whine and complain a lot about hurting and she just smiles : ) So, thanks for putting up with me being a baby.

I talked to Jacob today while I was waiting on my tanning bed to be cleaned and I just told him how I'm afraid I'm going to get discouraged. I'm afraid I'm going to keep at this and not see any results (I think me and jk talked about these fears throughout our entire workout today). He was very positive and told me to just stick with it and there's no way I won't see result. He told me he's proud of me. Which made me feel good but let's face it...He doesn't want a fat wife so of course he's going to be supportive. I've lost 51 pounds now since having Kinzi. I gained 70! So, I "only" have 19 more pounds to go to be at my pre-preg weight. I just worry that all my jeans still aren't going to fit. My body is so different now. But, I will NOT give up. Not only am I around jk (whom is NOT fat by any means and looks amazing!), my friend Shauna has been training for about 16 weeks now and is insanely skinny. It's inspiration. I want someone to be jealous of me! I want someone to look at me and say, "You do not look like you've had a baby!"

Lots goin on this weekend! Tomorrow morning, me, mom, Kinzi, Melissa and MJ are going to the zoo. My mom was so sweet and went to the zoo this morning and got us all tickets and t-shirts! Thank you mommy!!! We are going to the ostrich egg breakfast. I want to say "YUM" but I'm hesitant! The website says it's a buffet of chicken eggs, sausage, pancakes and more. Plus a chef making ostrich egg omelets per request. So, we will see!!! I think summer is almost here. The weather has been so crazy. It was freezing Monday and tomorrow is supposed to be 92. What happened to the 70's? Any who -- Saturday night is Red Lobster for Jacob's mom for Mother's Day. The Sunday is Mother's Day. My 1st one! I'm excited. All I have to say is...Jacob better be on top of his game! Pics to come Monday! Have a great weekend!!!! (I will leave you with some K pics : )

And Snap!


  1. I know how you feel about the weight! I gained 55 and after 7 months post baby have only been able to lose 35. SOOOO frustrating! one day we will fit in our old jeans...esp. with how GREAT you have been about keeping up with your workouts and your positive attitude!!!
    Love the bend and snap too!

  2. Thank you!!! It's so tough! I really didn't think it would be THIS hard to get it off.