Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gettin' comfy.

I wonder how many of my posts are going to start out about Maddie, Kellie and James Staat? I just can't stop thinking about them. I still think about baby Scarlett all the time too. Yesterday I had lunch with JK and I just kept saying how things like this hit you so differently when you have a kid. Not saying she doesn't understand...it's just different. I never fully understood a mother's love until now. I really need to stop snooping on the Internet. Yesterday as I was creeping through facebook, looking at random people's pages, I came across a lady that had lost her 2 year old boy to cancer. Geez! I keep reading all these horrible, saddening stories. I have to stop but it's like seeing a car wreck...you can't help but stare. I constantly want to know how everyone is doing so I continue to go back.
Miss Kinzi has been sleeping horribly the past 2 nights. Sunday night she went down fine, at her usual time - around 7:30. But woke up around 1. I put her in bed with us and she slept till 6:30. Well, last night was a different story. I think I jinxed myself by bragging about how good of a sleeper she is. She stayed up until after 9 last night. She NEVER does this. So when she finally did fall asleep, I laid her in the pack n play. Obviously she did not want this, so she screamed. I put her back in our bed and she crashed. My mom and mother in law both said this morning...It's time for her to go to her crib. I know this. I know she needs this and so do we (for our own sanity and sleep). But now I am TERRIFIED! We have a spare bedroom with a bed that's right next to Kinzi's room so my mom suggested I sleep in that room just until I get comfortable. But, I wonder if I will ever get comfortable and if so, how long is that really going to take? I'm going to try. tonight! Key word, "TRY."
Friday is Jacob's Dad's retirement...party? I don't really know what to call it. What kind of retirement gift do you get a man that has everything? It's pretty difficult. But, this "party" means a day off. Fine by me!
Next Wed, the 9th, is Kinzi's 6 month appt. Which means, shots. I'm not looking forward to these. Not that I ever look forward to them but last time I was a lot more calm than the first time. I'm worried about this round because she's starting to realize what's going on and she's a drama. queen. I know she's going to freak out! It's still over a week away and I'm already stressing. Maybe this is why my stomach was so upset for over 2 weeks. I need to chill.
Saturday we have planned on going to the Wormy Dog to watch No Justice but the closer it gets, the more I fell like a mommy and a home body. I've been looking forward to going but then I'm like, well...maybe we could just see a movie or just go to dinner. I'm just not big on those places like I used to be. My mom is keeping Kinzi Saturday night though so we will be doing something.
I need to work. I really didn't do much yesterday and I have 20 emails to go through. bleh.
I will re-read this later to check for grammar errors.

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  1. All last week I was depressed and down. I kept hearing terrible things about babies and mothers. I cried almost every night for the Staats. Maddie, I know is in a better place, but I cried for her mother. I can FEEL that pain she feels and I can't even imagine......I pray, A LOT, for them and talk to Lyla about them.

    Try to stay positive (and thanks for the follow)