Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'm way behind.
Saturday I met my mom at the salon to drop on Kinzi. She kept her Saturday night. After that, I went to Ricky's to meet Jeri Kaye and her seester. p.s. The manager there is a weirdo. Just sayin. After lunch/dinner, me and JK went to Louie's and had a couple (few or more) drinks. I had so much fun. I don't go out and do much anymore so it was nice to get out and have some drinks and just talk and laugh...a lot! I love that girl. There hasn't been a time that I've been around her when I didn't laugh.

Yesterday was Kinzi's 6 month check up (and shots). Her appt was at 10. We got up, ate, played some and were out the door. Gigi (my mom) met us at the dr's office, as she always does. She's been there for every set of shots. Thank God! It's hard on me. I think it's harder on her though. K's 27 1/4" long and is 15lbs 4oz. She's still little. Long and lean is what her pedi said. I was kind of worried when they told me her weight because she was 14lbs at her 4 month appt. But, the dr said she's fine. She's still gaining weight and is in the 30%. So, all in all, she's doing great. She even said her ears are "beautiful". Odd, but made me smile.

Daddy hasn't been home hardly at all lately. He's been working on his bed to try and start contract welding. We miss him. But, hopefully he will be a lot happier with his job and be making a lot more - cha ching.

Went to the gym today. Actually worked out and tanned. Think I might be a tad red. Come back to work and my little friend Rusty bought me some Peanut M&M's. I've been complaining for the past 2 weeks that our vending machine here at work hasn't had m&m's. How un-American is that?! Crazy, I know. So all that work out was pretty much for me to come back to work and eat candy. ha!

OH! And, Misty (the photographer that took K's pics) posted a "sneak peak" of her pics on fb Monday. I am DYING to see the rest. She is absolutely brilliant! And my sweet baby girl looks perfect!!!!!

SO sweet and SO perfect!!
Kinzi Laiken - 6 Months Old

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