Thursday, March 3, 2011


Yesterday Kinzi had her 6 month pictures taken. I left work and went home before picking her up so I could paint my toe nails. The photographer told me she wanted to take some shots of me holding Kinzi's hands while we were standing so to wear cute shoes. I was like CRAP! I HAVE to paint these nappy toe nails.
When I went to pick her up, she was still asleep. She napped for almost 4 hours yesterday. She definitely needed to sleep. I got her up, changed her, dressed her, fed her, then we were out the door. I was supposed to meet Misty (the photographer) at the north oval at OU. When she told me that, I thought oh lord. I'm glad I work with all these guys that are obsessed with OU. I got directions. I was told to just park on campus corner. Easy enough. yeah right. I got there and there wasn't 1 parking spot. Which, I should have known. There's only like 20 spots down that main road anyway. So, here I am driving around campus looking for a parking spot. Around 5:10, I finally just give up and park down the road. I pay $2, dumb. I get out, put Kinzi in the stroller and off we go. Now, if this wasn't a sight to see. All these college kids are walking around with their backpacks on, probably headed to the bar and here I am, just tootin along with my little baby in a stroller.
I get out to this big grassy area, that's inside a huge oval. Hence, the name, north oval. There was a big tree and a lot of the grass around it was actually green so we chose to take pics there. It was a lot colder than I thought it would be. I sat her down and she immediately started shivering. I felt so bad. Misty got a few pics of her. I know I'll love every single one so I'm not worried. She was just so serious throughout the whole time. Smiled a few times and she didn't fuss until the very end. I think she had just had enough of being cold. I'm so anxious to see them!!!

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