Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So, I just went through my blog and noticed I had a comment and 6 followers. I feel special! : ) I like doing this, and I like that people like to read about my simple little life.

I donated to the SIDS foundation the other day. It wasn't much but it still made me feel good. Since reading Kellie's blog (every.single.day), it has really opened my eyes to SIDS. It's so scary. I've always told Kinzi I love her, and I've always loved on her and gave her countless kisses but since reading about Maddie, that has changed. I don't think Kinzi goes 2 minutes without a kiss, a hug, or an I love you! I don't feel like I can tell her enough. I just love her so so much!! I got her 6 month pics in. I love love LOVE them! I'm so excited for family pics in May!!!

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