Thursday, April 7, 2011

10 pounds down.

I weighed yesterday at the gym. Although I plead the 5th on what my actual weight is, I will say, I'm down 10 pounds! I know people say the number doesn't really matter but it matters to me. And, it also matters that I'm wearing a pair of jeans today that I could barely get on at Christmas. Grant it, that was over 3 months ago, it still makes me smile. And yeah, they're still snug but that's ok with me! I can button them! Also, found out today that one of the guys can't run part of the relay (the 10k part - so count me out!) so we are on the search for another 10k runner. We have one in mind, I'm just afraid they'll fall through. At least it won't be money out of my pocket.

A friends blogged about an app called Instagram - I'm in love!

The best memory I will ever have. The day I had my baby girl was the best day of my life. I'm such a proud Mommy!

This one is my favorite! Gah she's pretty!

She loves her Daddy.

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  1. congrats on the 10lbs.... so jealous! and you are right, your doll IS sooo pretty!