Friday, April 22, 2011

Long time no see...

I haven't blogged in like a week. Crap! I said I was gonna do good with this. So lets try and recap!

Saturday (4/16) was my bday! We got up (well, I got up. No, I didn't get to sleep in on my birthday. Thanks Jacob. Thanks A LOT!) and got around and went to Bass Pro. Got Kinzi's pic taken with the Easter bunny. While were standing in line, there were kids crying left and right. I thought, 'oh lord! My kid is gonna be a screamer! I just know it.' Well, we were up, it was our turn. I walk close to the big, scary, on-crack lookin furry human dressed as a bunny and to my surprise, Kinzi starts smiling. I was like, YES!!!! So, I handed her over and she wanted to snuggle all up to him. She took a CUTE picture. And we left.
We ate at Saltgrass, which was gross. I wanted Outback but they were closed. lame. Went home, napped, and when I woke up I felt awful! I almost puked so I pretty much stayed in bed the rest of the day/night. Awesome 26th birthday huh?! Big party animal right herrrr!

Sunday I went to Mr. Isaac Merchan's baby shower. I guess I should say Francis' shower because isn't wasn't here yet. He made his arrival this morning at 9:26. He's right across the street right now and I'm dying to go see and hold him but I'm doing the polite thing and waiting until I'm told they're wanting visitors. But it's KILLING me!!!!! Back to the shower. I took Kinzi because I figured Francis might want to see her. Well, bad idea on my part. Not because Francis didn't wanna see her but because my child acted like a spaz! She was so bored and I felt so bad. She was making noises, she cried at one point too. So, I had to stand with her and walk around the entire time. Note to self: Do not take your 7 month child to something like that unless you know most of the people there. Everyone was staring at me and her and I felt SO uncomfortable. Won't be doing that again!

Monday when I got to work, my boss handed me a card. (Note the previous blog about being disappointed...haha. I should have known, he always comes through. He's pretty awesome!) I didn't immediately open the card, I sat and talked with him for about 30 minutes. I told him how mad I was that Saltgrass made me sick when I really just wanted to go to Outback. *Now, keep in mind, I'm not some huge Outback eater. I never talk about the place and the last time I ate there was before I had Kinzi.* Well, he got a phone call so as he talked on the phone, I opened my card. I will post pictures of the card because I think it's funny. Inside the card was a $50 gift card to Outback. I looked at him and he just laughed. How ironic is that?

Wednesday I had lunch with Shauna at BJ's. Love that girl! Then yesterday had lunch with Melissa at Interurban. Love that girl too. So that brings me to today. I want to go see "Water For Elephants". Jacob said he would take me but my mom is busy and I feel guilty asking people to babysit. So, we will save it for next weekend. Sunday is K's first Easter and I'm so excited to get her all dressed up! Pics will be posted Monday! Have a great weekend!!

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