Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shinedown on me.

Bridal Toms? NO! NO! and most of all, NO!!! I was on Scarlett's Blog and the ad showed the "Toms for Bride's" and I gagged a little. I like my Toms but won't buy another pair. They're for a good cause and all but lets face it, they're a fad and not cheap. And they make my feet smell somethin' awful! Anyway.

I had lunch with Miss Jeri Kaye today. I just love her. Her laugh is contagious (and she laughs all the time). We ate at Jason's Deli and that chick tried to rip me off. Me and JK got the exact same thing and they charged me $2 more. So I asked the girl and turns out she charged me for a drink when I clearly said water. I know, I know, nothing to get all heated about, but definitely blog worthy. Needless to say, I got $2.10 back. Which I was told by watching Extreme Couponing, that could be a box of cereal. That makes me think of what my mom gave up for lent....Cereal. She's funny! Love you Mom!

I always have a hard time titling my posts. I can't ever come up with anything clever.

On the way back from lunch, I opened the sun roof and jammed to some Shinedown. I will always be a rock 'n' roller at heart. My radio hardly ever leaves, Octane! Thank you Sirius for having an amazing rock station that NEVER has commercials! This is one of my faves...

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