Monday, April 11, 2011

Good News!

Jacob got a contracting job at Silver Star. We are both beyond happy about this. It will be great for our family!! There's so much to do in the process. We are currently getting quotes for personal limited liability insurance of 1 million. That's nuts! I've definitely learned a lot dealing with all of this. Today we went to the bank and opened business accounts. It made me feel old. Although the whole time we were waiting on the guy to print the paperwork, we acted like giddy teenagers. I miss him and his happiness.

This weekend was fun. Saturday I bowled "For Kids' Sake" for Big Brothers Big Sisters of OK. All the guys from work were there. It's nice to hang out with my other family outside of work. It's like I have 5 Dads! After that, I went and picked up Kinzi from my Mom. The living room was a mess and she was chasing Sam (my mom's poodle) everywhere. It was so cute. My baby is getting so big. She's still stuffy but I'm thinking it's allergies. Yesterday we just hung out at home together. Just me and my boogie. I cleaned out her closet and dresser and realized, she has way too many clothes. 90% of them she's only worn once or not at all! She sat in her crib and played the whole time but when I walked out of the room and came back and this is what I found...

Funny how fast she can go from this.....
To this. In a spit second.

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