Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Here I go again..

I'm probably just going to ramble but that's what I need to do...
I haven't posted in almost a week. When I wait that long, I forget certain things I wanna talk about. dangit.

Last weekend went by WAY too fast. But, they all do. It's pretty sad that I just had to look at my calendar to see what I did. Friday was my niece's (Makenna) 3rd birthday and Kinzi's 7 month birthday. People always say, "time flies." Take it with a grain of salt, but it really does! I remember when Melissa (sis in law) was in labor with Makenna. Her blood pressure was so high and we were all freaking out because her douche of a Dr wouldn't induce her, although her bp could have caused her to have a stroke. MJ was such a little bitty squirt. But didn't stay small for long. She's so tall!! On that wonderful day, April 1, sweet Kinzi started crawling!!! I've gotta figure out how to post videos on here. She crawled for the first time, the day she was 7 months old. Now, where are those stinkin teeth?! Last night after I gave her a bath, I was dressing her and almost started crying (makes me tear up now)...she has gotten so big! Before I know it, she's going to be 3 herself.
Sunday morning, I got my jogging stroller out and was ready for a run/jog. As soon as I started, Kinzi decided she wanted to fuss. Awesome. I figured once I got going that she would stop. Wrong! So I turned around, only running .6 of a mile. Which I guess is better than nothing but isn't gonna help me come May 1st. We fed the ducks and she laughed her head off when I would throw the bread and say, "Weeeee!" She thought it was the funniest thing ever. It wasn't 5 minutes and she was fussing again. Got in the car, thought she would stop once we got going. Wrong again! She cried all the way home. Got home, she passed out. After 2 hours of sleeping, I had to wake her up (which I hate doing. She gets so mad!) because I had promised my grandma we would come visit. So we went and visited grandma. I need to go visit more, I really do! Grandma isn't always gonna be here. I feel bad I don't go see her more. Every time I go, she always has something for K, whether it's clothes or diapers or food. And she always cooks for me. It's sooooo good! There's nothing like your mom and grandma's cookin'!

Monday morning at work, we had inventory and also did some fundraising for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma. Anyone could pie a foreman in the face for $5 a pie. All the guys wanted to know why I wasn't doing it. I said, "If you pay, I'll do it!" So, I ended up getting 6 pies to the face. As much as I love whipped cream, that crap does not smell good after it sits on you for 5 hours. It smells kinda like soured milk. gag.

I have something to do every weekend for the rest of the month. Which, in a way, I kinda like. I like having plans and I like doing things. But, I think by the end of the month, I'm gonna be worn out. I'll need a break. This Saturday I have the bowling thingy for Big Brothers Big Sisters. The email said, food, prizes and tshirts! Sign me up!!! I'll take anything if it's free! Next Sat is my birfday, BIG 26! Whooop! I have a baby shower to go to that day and Sunday the 17th. The next Sunday is Easter. Then the next Sunday is the race. The closer it gets to the race, the more scared I get. I really hope I don't fall over dead and I really hope it doesn't take me an hour to get 3 miles.


  1. i was wondering if you were gonna blog soon, haha, i need to be "in the know" of what is going on, especially when we don't have "lunch gossip time"

  2. guuurrrlll...You know I email you all the important bizness!